December 16, 2019

For Day 2 of my Christmas Cookie Adventure I turned to one of my favorite holiday treats: eggnog. (I'm talking about

un-spiked eggnog as I do not drink alcohol.) Starting around Thanksgiving, eggnog is a staple in my family's fridge . Nearly all my 5 siblings love it to the point that my mom usually has to hide parts of her stash at family gatherings. 

I guess you can imagine my excitement when I found this eggnog cookie recipe. The ingredients for this cookie are pretty simple: sugar, flour, butter, eggs, eggnog. The frosting for the cookie is very sweet and very noggy, which I loved! The cookie itself is not very sweet and I wasn't wholly thrilled with the texture. It's kind of a cross between a butter cookie and a shortbread: think the subtle sweet of a...

December 12, 2019

This year for Christmas, I've decided to try 12 cookie recipes. I mean what better time to put those 100s of Pinterest pins to use? 

First up is a recipe by Sally from Sally's Baking Addiction. I chose this recipe because it's a festive take on a classic cookie. This is a cake batter chocolate chip cookie with white and milk chocolate chips plus Christmas sprinkles! 

I liked this cookie but I think I prefer a regular chocolate chip vs cake batter. I also totally should have followed her suggestion of adding some chips after baking because they were not as chocolatey as I like. 

The texture of this cookie (when fresh out of the oven) has a nice little crunch on the outside while being soft and gooey on the inside. The sprinkles are fun and overall, it was a good c...

October 9, 2019

I tend to have a  hard time throwing things away. My brain is always seeing creative ways it can be revived, repurposed or reused. I guess I'm rubbing off on my family because this project was requested/inspired by my sister.

My niece went away to college this year 😭 and as hard as it was to see her go, the excitement of decorating her dorm helped assuage the pain for my sister and I. I think it was reminiscent of decorating for all those birthday parties for us. Anyway! 

My sister brought me this little ottoman she had been using for years that had gotten a little banged up in her last move. It was super sturdy just had started peeling. My sister thought it could be spruced up and useful for her  daughter's dorm. She was right. 

Since I did the project out of t...

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October 9, 2019

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