Recycling Rehab?

A Little Repurposed Love

So, I'm really into recycling, reusing & repurposing (pretty sure I just made that last word up). It's kind of an addiction. I've been all for saving the environment after I learned the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle chant in elementary school and how important it is for us to do our part in saving/taking care of the environment.

I have a hard time throwing stuff away that I know can be recycled. It gets a little extreme at my house. I'm that person that digs through the trash, shaking my head, after a party as I pick out red cup after red cup. I even started a recycling effort at church for all the water bottles and cleaning supply bottles and only stopped after I was taking home bags of recycling from other people's houses. (Seriously, if you can bring it all the way to church....) I digress.

As a crafter, I'm always seeing potential in tossed aside items. My first Carrena's Crafty Creations hair accessories ever made were from old clothes that I cut up for fabric. (Yes, if you bought one of my original hair bows, you just may be wearing an old dress on your head.) *giggle*

But, really, I find myself rescuing or *cough* hoarding all these "supplies" for future projects. Scrap wood? Shelf signs or wall decor. Scrap cans? Craft storage. Old clothes? Rugs, doll clothes, hair accessories. Odd-looking jars? Centerpieces! The list goes on. The problem is my squirrel-brain-project-generator jumps around so often that I just end up with piles of wood in the garage and baskets of scrap fabric in the craft room. Hence the rehab title.

But, in conclusion, I don't really need rehab because my addiction is healthy. (I actually chuckled while typing that.) I'm going to keep hoarding my free craft supplies and keep saving the Earth. Really, though, it's good for the environment. For all you Negative Nancy's that don't believe one person's efforts actually help, read the article linked below. Plus, I save on trash bags since it takes me months to go through a box. Cha-ching. Fist pump. Happy dance. Alright. I'm out.