My Creative Process

I love behind the scenes footage. My daughter and I are the people who select the bonus features after a movie and watch the bloopers, deleted scenes, what inspired the movie, etc. It's not for everyone, but I get a greater appreciation of the work it took to make that fantastic movie. Or maybe I'm just nosey. LOL. Not only do I get a greater appreciation, but it really surprises me at the sheer amount of effort it takes to create a film.

I'm no movie producer, but I'm often a little surprised myself at the outcome of my own creativity. Usually it's a pleasant surprise, but sometimes you get those stinkers in the bunch. As a small business owner it can be really offensive when people balk at your prices or don't show gratitude for a custom item after you've poured hours of frustration and creativity (along with your blood, sweat and tears) into a project. At times, just a peek into what it takes to create helps to make people acknowledge, if not appreciate, your efforts.

Inspiration, as well as inspirational quotes are everywhere! I bought this awesome planner last year at Marshalls (one day I'll tell you about my love affair with Marshalls) by Ecolo Limited. It's chock full of really great quotes to help motivate you to do stuff. It would really be helpful to me if I utilized my planner more, but that's off-subject. Anyway, I was flipping through it and thought, "These quotes would make really cute canvases!"

My Happy Helpful Planner

If you're a crafter like me, you probably have the tendency to buy new materials using the excuse that it's a necessity. And when is it not? Last night, these brushes by Pennelli Art Supplies were my necessity. They're not only super cute and pink (my niece claims this is why I bought them*pshaw*) but they have really nice bristles and all sorts of brush types.

Along with the brushes, some of my materials for this project were: my planner-for inspiration, the Pennelli brushes, craft paint by Apple Barrel, a 5"x7" canvas panel and Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint by Tulip.

First I painted the canvas panel using two coats of the craft paint. I used Bimini Blue which is a really pretty aqua. I love using acrylic craft paint because of how quickly it dries and the range of colors it comes in. Fun Fact: hot pink is my favorite color for apparel and accessories, but aqua, in all its shades and tints, is my favorite home decor color.

Next I designed and applied the letters using my Silhouette Cameo 3 then added some dots using the glitter paint. I used glossy white Oracal 651 vinyl and a rainbow sparkle vinyl from the Vinyl Room.

The end result is something that makes me smile. I seriously get so excited when an idea pans out right. I didn't calculate the amount of time it took to make this, but it was a relatively quick project. If this cute little canvas makes you smile, it's available for purchase in my online gift shop. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Be Bright!