Happy New Year! It's 2019. WOW. It's amazing to me how quickly these years are sliding by. This is normally a time when people like to start fresh and set goals for the year. I've kind of gotten away from new year resolutions (mostly because I never seemed to keep them,) so now, I like to choose a positive word for the year. Last year the word I chose was: CHANGE. That may seem like a really broad goal, but I felt like it was the only fitting word for what I was wanting to do.

I was at a place at the beginning of 2018 where I felt like my life was in shambles. Okay. I exaggerate. I just felt really disorganized and scattered and I wanted to change. Halfway thru the year, I actually started trying to adopt some changes and I felt like I really made some headway. See my super cute planner and notebook? Real life, that notebook is my life-source now. I haven't utilized the planner as much, but it's cute to look at and #goals.

That mentality of change has somewhat spilled over into this year, but my word for 2019 is: CONSISTENCY. I am a self-diagnosed ADD sufferer, so I'm really good at jump-starting things, but I get easily distracted or bored and then I'm left with a piles of half-finished projects. Literally. There's so many things I want to do, but my lack of consistency keeps me from being great. :-)

Anyway, one thing I want to consistently do is keep my house clean. *chuckles* What mom doesn't aspire to that? Seriously, there's just two of us in my house, so it shouldn't be hard. The main thing I know I have to do is organize. And purge. But I'm not that good at purging, so organizing is more my thing. I started this year with two of the most problematic rooms in my house: the craft room and the school room.

The craft room was in the laundry room which is actually pretty big for the age of my home. (It was built in the 1960's.) I originally wanted to put the craft room in the formal living room, but it's right off the entryway and has a doorway and I felt like I didn't want people to come in and immediately see my craft mess. So, I squeezed my stuff into the laundry room and created a school room in the living room. THAT DID NOT WORK.

I never really crafted in the laundry room because it was always too crowded. No matter how many ways I rearranged the furniture, it just sucked and I ended up crafting everywhere, BUT my craft room.

Then the school room always became the catch-all for seasonal totes and whatever junk I didn't want company to see. By this time I had put up a curtain in the doorway for privacy. DUH! I could have thought of that sooner, but whatevs. Thank you Pinterest.

Anyway, after Christmas 2018, I decided to tackle these problems and did THE BIG SWITCH! I put Moo's school room in the laundry room. *gasp* Isn't it just lovely?

And I moved into the living room. *sigh* I feel like Julie Andrews in the opening scene of Sound of Music. Neither room is complete, but it's a start and I feel like I'm on my way to being a better person. Because crafting makes the world a better place and crafting in a better space makes me a better person. LOL. JK. But I do feel like I'm really about to be getting stuff done.