Trash to Treasure

I tend to have a  hard time throwing things away. My brain is always seeing creative ways it can be revived, repurposed or reused. I guess I'm rubbing off on my family because this project was requested/inspired by my sister.

My niece went away to college this year 😭 and as hard as it was to see her go, the excitement of decorating her dorm helped assuage the pain for my sister and I. I think it was reminiscent of decorating for all those birthday parties for us. Anyway! 

My sister brought me this little ottoman she had been using for years that had gotten a little banged up in her last move. It was super sturdy just had started peeling. My sister thought it could be spruced up and useful for her  daughter's dorm. She was right. 

Since I did the project out of town, I used craft paint instead of spray paint to paint the body of the ottoman. This metallic paint dries nice and shiny. I used about two coats on the body of the ottoman. 

Using my staple gun, I covered the top with two fat quarters which were the perfect size. Since fat quarters are thin and the fabric color was light, I used both pieces of fabric so that the original top did not show through.

To finish the project off, I added some gold dabs to the polka dot fabric just to tie the gold in. The end result was pretty cool. My niece got a piece that can be used as a seat, step stool & storage. The next time you have something a little worn but not ruined, I hope you'll think of a creative way to give it new life. Thanks for reading!