12 Days of Christmas Cookies Day 2

For Day 2 of my Christmas Cookie Adventure I turned to one of my favorite holiday treats: eggnog. (I'm talking about

un-spiked eggnog as I do not drink alcohol.) Starting around Thanksgiving, eggnog is a staple in my family's fridge . Nearly all my 5 siblings love it to the point that my mom usually has to hide parts of her stash at family gatherings.

I guess you can imagine my excitement when I found this eggnog cookie recipe. The ingredients for this cookie are pretty simple: sugar, flour, butter, eggs, eggnog. The frosting for the cookie is very sweet and very noggy, which I loved! The cookie itself is not very sweet and I wasn't wholly thrilled with the texture. It's kind of a cross between a butter cookie and a shortbread: think the subtle sweet of a shortbread

with the kinda crumbly texture of a butter cookie.

They are cute and a nice change from the traditional Christmas cookie flavors but not my favorite. I ended up with a lot of icing, so I totally see me putting it in pancakes, waffles, on bagels, etc. but I doubt this will become a staple Christmas cookie for me. I'll give it a 5.5 out of 10.

Link for cookie recipe: