Colorful Christmas House Tour

I absolutely love Christmas decorating! I love decorating all year long but there's real anticipation when it comes to Christmas. I've been in my home 6 Christmases and have changed my theme every 2 years but this last theme is the one I've enjoyed the most.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know I love color. No matter what season I'm decorating for, I Iike to see how I can incorporate color within it. When I decided on this whimsical theme last year, it felt like it embodied my personality perfectly. I'm a pretty upbeat person and I love being happy. It's hard to be sad with these cheerful colors surrounding you.

Because I often have specific ideas, it can be hard finding what I'm looking for in stores. Most colorful themes include purple, orange or yellow and, even though I like those colors, I didn't want to include them in this theme. Plus when I'm shopping, my "I can make that" goes into overdrive and I end up customizing half my decor.

I think I made 80% of the decor for this theme. On my mantle, only the candlesticks, candles and, bottle brush trees aren't DIYs.

One of my favorite DIYs was this tree skirt. It was actually really easy to make and adds so much fun to the tree. Plus, no one else has it. *wink*

When it comes to the tree, I like to mix personal with traditional ornaments. I made ornaments with my entire family's names on them. It's fun when we're having a gathering and I see people looking for their name on the tree.

I also let my daughter pick out special ornaments that are "hers."

This bookshelf is one of my favorite features of this house. I love switching out the decor for every season. One of my decor tricks is buying books in my color schemes from the dollar store. An added bonus is always having new books to read.

I try to keep the colors relatively similar throughout the main areas of the house. It creates cohesion and allows me to move things around from room to room easier. To me, a well-decorated house feels congruous. Even if colors change throughtout, the style of the home should flow.

This was my first time putting a tree in the dining room. I hadn't used this tree last year and just loved the idea of having two trees. This one is mostly ornamental (teehee.) No sentimental ornaments here.

Also, I'm getting a bit better with my tablescapes every year. This is truly one of my faves. Everything matches perfectly and it warms my heart. I love when mixing store-bought items with DIYs turns out like this.

Never sleep on the thrift store for decor. I found this adorable deer candle holder at the thrift store a few years ago. I love that I can make it fit with any theme just by changing out the candle.

I hope you've enjoyed my colorful Christmas house. As we countdown to Christmas, I pray you take the time to truly enjoy what this is season is about.